Recommendations for use

– When experiencing osteochondrosis it is necessary to lie back on applicators, you can place them on an entire area of neck, back, lumbar-sacral area.

– When experiencing headaches, pains in the neck, shoulder girdle, arms, in the domain of the heart, in the upper and middle parts of the chest it is necessary to place applicators under head, neck, shoulders, upper and middle sections of chest, complete by exposure on hands and plantae.

– When you have injuries, fractures an applicator should be placed on the area of spinal cord that matches the damaged segmental innervation of injured extremity for 15-30 minutes, then it should be placed above or below a fracture.

– When experiencing diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidney they applicators affect by applicators on middle or lower areas of back and on lumbus. To enhance the effect you should effect on stomach, clutching the applicator with a bag of sand. It is also possible to effect with the Travel Mate Applicator and Little One Applicator – belt.

– When experiencing gastric ulcer, pancreatitis such areas as lower thoracic and lumbar spine shonld be effected, with recrudescence – above and below a zone of pain ( back, stomach or as a belt).

– When there is pain in abdomen, sacrum, lumbus, lower extremities applicators are used on lumbar and sacro-gluteal or underbelly areas.

– To speed up the healing and restoration of intestinal function after surgery applicators are placed above or below the surgical area.

– In case of disorders of pelvic organs to induce urination or its normalization, as well as in inflammatory diseases of alvus, bladder, prostatitis, adnexas, prostate adenoma applicators are used under lumbar and sacro-gluteal areas.

– When you suffer from colds, chronic lung and bronchial diseases an applicator is used as a “mustard plaster”. Application areas: back, neck-collar area, front surface of chest, sternum area.

– For the removal of bronchial asthma attacks lie on applicator with neckcollar area of middle chest or use an applicator as a belt. With a roller or small applicator make “paintful” clamps on sternum zone and upper anterior front surface of chest. At the same time it is necessary to restrain breath following Buteyko method.

– At blennorrhinia, allergy or cold you must lie on an applicator with back of the neck area and affect with small applicators on projection sinuses areas.

– When you suffer from hypertension, severe headaches applicators should be applied for cervical-collar zone, middle thoracic spine, an area of the neck, head, sacral region, plantae.

– At CHD, angina pectoris, rhythm disturbances and other diseases of cardiovascular system it is necessary to capture upper and middle sections of thoracic spine, an area on a hand which is corresponded to a heart, a zone of the nail bed thumb with an applicator.

– When you suffer from varicose veins of lower extremities the decomposition zone is area of lumbar spine, lower-thoracic spine and chest area to the right (the projection area of the liver). Exposure time is 15-25 minutes. It is better to have about 3 treatments per day. For example: in the morning after a walk, when you feel tiredness in legs. You need to lie down, put legs on the single applicator, foot on the soles, foot should be elevated to improve the outflow of blood, exposure time is 15-20 minutes. In the afternoon it is necessary to roll which a big or universal roller along the interior and outer surfaces of thighs and shins.
In the evening ointment therapy should be hold paravertebrally on the area of lumbar, lower-thoracic spine and on the right chest area (projection area of the liver). Camomile Applicator, Pad Applicator, Magic Ribbon Health Applicator-belt can be used. Exposure time is 15-20 minutes.
Magic Ribbon Health Applicator-belt can be wrapped around two legs at once, or alternately, you can lie when do this. You can walk, but after removing the Ribbon you should lie down with legs elevated to improve the outflow of blood. Exposure time is 15-20 minutes.
In a day instead of a procedure on your lower back and lower-thoracic spine you should hold ointment therapy on cervical-spine collar to relieve spasm of head vessels to prevent spasm of peripheral capillaries, including legs. All these procedures improve blood circulation, relieve feelings of “heaviness” in legs, relieve leg swelling, pain and improve overall health.
In addition to this technique it is recommended: feet moistening, gauze pads with therapeutic herbal extracts and substances that enhance blood circulation and trophic. Gauze, cloth bandages soaked in tincture of herbs, medicinal solution of salt and other medical solutions can be placed under the applicator. Applications can be obtained in the baths (trays) with herbs, minerals and salts. In this case, the application can last for 1-1,5 hours with the same interval and it can be renewed 2 to 4 times a day during 5-7 days, then the usual methods can be applied for 1-2 times a day. There are other options, selected individually, in combination with other treatments: physiotherapy, exercising, massage and so on.

– At strokes.
It is desirable to make alternately (starting with the sick side) deep punctures on tips of fingers and toes with scarifier or a sterile needle to deal with complications and sometimes to prevent stroke. After each of two or three punctures carry “milking” movement of the fingers, trying to squeeze as much blood as possible. This procedure prevents reflectory bleeding from burst blood vessels of the brain, making it possible to eliminate bleeding, lowering pressure in them by redistributing blood to the periphery (hands, feet) and succeeding ample blood release from the fingers.
Simultaneously there should be very intensive effect on surface of foot and hand within 30-50 minutes. Applications are made with flat applicators with intense clips for 5-10 minutes, alternating with intensive affect with a roller within 3-7 minutes alternately sick and healthy side.
Effect on other parts of a body is also applied (a forearm, shins, area of a back-bone, head, neck) with smaller intensity and it is less on duration. More time is necessary to influence on a sick (diseased) side.
For rehabilitation stage at home an applicator is used in turn on all the diseased areas of backbone and extremities. It is necessary to start with a healthy side. Applicators are dispensed along back bone, on cervical or, for example, lumbar area. Simultaneously a sick hand or a leg is rolled with a roller, starting with finger tips then rising higher ( for restoration of nervous conductivity). Treatable therapy should be done easily, the blood circulation improves on a sick side – capillary tubes widen and the skin turns pink. Manual massage and rolling the head with a roller-applicator is also applied. It is desirable to finish the procedure with applicator effect on foot, at sitting or standing position. Exposure time is 7-10 minutes for healthy side, 10-20 for a sick one. As patients quickly get tired, such procedures can be applied 2 times a day during 30-40 minutes.

– In order to born depot fat effectively applicator (step is 5,8 mm) is applied for 7-10 minutes on areas of most obesity in turn and on spine – lumbar – for 15-20 minutes. Use Magic Ribbon Health Applicators: two with 5-7 – segments and one with 9 segments can be applied with gauze pads (1-2 layers thick gauze), moistened very important to learn how to breathe property (or more precisely – hardly breathe). For example, learn to make a breath-holding on one and a half – two minutes, 5-15 times a day. After each breath-holding try to breathe “not visibly, not audibly” – like a picture where you are photographed (select a beautiful photo, stay with it infront of a mirror and try to breathe as picture “breathes”) or try to breath as “sleeping baby” breathes, that is the same. In hypothyroidism (myxoedema) try to breathe intensively, deeply, often during 3-7 minutes 2-3 times a day. Simultaneously with the help of applicators, Magic Ribbon Health Applicators affect cervical spine. It is effective to impact on additional areas: secral-coccygeal and adrenals areas. The procedure should be completed with the affect on the foot. Particular attention should be paid to the junction of second phalanx of thumbs of hands and feet (metatarsus – phalanx joint of thumb) – with sole and back of feet, exposure time is 3-5 minutes, or longer, 2-3 times a day. At hyperthyroidism influence on neck and thyroid gland exposure time is longer – 15-30 minutes, 1-2 times a day; at myxedema short-term an impact is short-term – 3-7 minutes, 4-6 times a day. Other ancillary areas can be also used.

– When you suffer from alcoholism and tobacco smoking it is necessary to affect with applicators zones, which are responsible for release of a large number of biologically active substances: head-hind, neck and collar zone, the whole back along spine, the lumbar-sacral segment. On a human body there are thousands of not only vital points, but tens of thousands of other equally important areas and points through which you can influence positively on both vitals and the whole body.
It is necessary to effect with the Little One Applicator on a point of an ear, abdomen, chest. Simultaneously with positioning on applicators use a method that reveals person’s extra abilities – the method of endogenous respiration engagement with using of already existing oxygen, which is predominantly in adipose tissue. To do this, put the patient on a set of applicators, as well as put applicators on his body or wrap him with ribbons from head to toes, including face, cover him with four-five blankets (it is better to put on his head a large clear plastic bag or semi-hermetic respiratory pyramid). Treatment time is 30-50 minutes, 1-2 times a day. During such procedures body protective system engages, toxins and extra fat burn and remove.